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Rhythmic gymnastics is a beautiful Olympic sport for girls. It is a combination of dance and gymnastics with the use of five hand apparatus: rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon. Rhythmic gymnastics helps to develop many physical abilities including strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and endurance.
However, Gold Reef Rhythmic Gymnastics Club is not just about developing strong, flexible bodies and good physical skills. We strive to inspire in our girls a love of movement that will last throughout their lives. Our girls learn the value of hard work and the importance of time management. They learn how to compete and how to be gracious in victory and defeat. They develop lifelong friendships. And above all, they learn that nothing in life is more important than following your dreams.

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Our Attitude Towards Excellence

We work according to the long term athlete development programme which is provided by SASCOC.

It takes a minimum of 10 years to develop an elite athlete.

Gold Reef Rhythmic Gymnastics is at the forefront as Maureen van Rooyen has produced 3 Olympians.

Stephanie Sandler

2004 - Athens

Odette Richard

2008 - Beijing

Aimee van Rooyen

2010 - Youth Olympic Games Singapore


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